First question of the day

When the Synaptic Technologies programmer, Stig-Ottar, came to work this morning he stopped in front of my desk, turned his head slowly towards me and asked in a puzzled tone

Have you ever thought about providing your height in AU to parsec?

Eeehhm.. No. That I have never thought about…

What is AU to parsec

After giving me a thorough explanation. Which I did understand. I thought Wikipedia explain it better than me when retelling.

Parsec explained

1 Astronomical Unit =
4.84813681 × 10-6 Parsecs

So how tall am I

It turns out I am 1.14306439797657e-11 AU and 5.5417325517171e-17 parsec. Source

Should entrepreneurs have more economical safety?

Being robbed is never convenient. But as an entrepreneur it can be crucial for the product delivery!

Theifs are rude!

What a big draw back! Here we struggle to get finances and develop our product just as every entrepreneur does. And within all the busyness, it’s easy for someone with fraudulent intent to take advantage of the situation.

As any other entrepreneur world-wide we also juggle different tasks, sometimes hiiigh up in the air, and we need to trust each other a lot so we manage to prevent all this stuff from falling down. And the hub for it all to happen and for everyone to focus on their own task and perform their best is knowing that we have the finances under control. That is probably the only place in an entrepreneur business it is desired to be as few surprises as possible and straight down boring. Unless it’s a new investor of course. Then I’m all for surprises of the insane kind 🙂

It’s daunting how easy it is to get hold of a debit card

And this happened even though we have routines for handling the companies debit card. They are locked up and we sign a form before we can use it. How it still happened you wonder? Let me tell you!

In this mountainside called Norway, when the card is about to expire, the bank first ship the code. Wait a couple of days, and then they think it’s safe to ship the card. Yes, you read just that. The bank trust all the people who handles the post from their location to the customers location. And as a typical naive Norwegian as myself ..  even I wonder if that is the most secure way to handle the cash that belongs to the customer. Synaptic Technologies have now lost over $ 20 000,-  I hope the dishonest @§§ who took it enjoyed our money. From the transaction logs I assume he/she did!

Theft pic

And then I resigned!

We are rolling out a big project in Steinkjer today. We need to get there. We need to pay our software and hardware guys to eat and sleep there. We need to deliver so we have a proof of concept. We will probably make it somehow, but I don’t have the solution right now.

That’s why I ask: Should entrepreneurs have more economical safety? We are a lot more vulnerable when exposed to theft than a company who has been up and running for a while. But how would this safety work and how would it not be exploited by dishonest entrepreneurs? Or maybe this is the big test for entrepreneurs. How well we jiggle our self out of problems that occur. Maybe that’s what decides which products to see the day of light and which who won’t. Is that fair?